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We believe fundraising should be easy.  It’s been way too hard in the past.  Let’s take the work out of it, so coaches can coach, and players can play. EasyFundr ends the car washing, magazine, bake sale madness!

EasyFundr has an innovative suite of tools that allows your team to work together to raise funds from their biggest fans.

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Why Choose EasyFundr?

At EasyFundr our highest priority is your satisfaction from start to finish.  Our platform is specifically designed for teams and groups to make participation simple. Using our real-time tracking, teams are able to to monitor their campaigns quickly and securely.


Easyfundr is designed to make fund raising easier. Monitor multiple teams, participation, progress and success from a customized dashboard.


Players write a personalized message and thank you to their supporters, and upload them seamlessly into their team's campaign for unified distribution.


EasyFundr takes your raw video footage and produces a high quality video for your team. We process donations, receipts, and send you a check.


Create your team's campaign for free. No risk, only reward.


Rally your team. Tell your fans! Connect with fans through email and social media.


Let EasyFundr collect, process, and deliver funds from your fans. Hassle-free Easy Funds!

High School Funding Made Easy!

With EasyFundr there are no hidden fees.  We believe funding should be simple for coaches, players and supporters.  Other companies charge 23% and more for team funding, and provide your team with little service.

EasyFundr is different.  We produce a high quality video and manage your campaign from start to finish for a flat rate of 10% plus 2.9% credit card processing fee.

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Get on the Field!

Together lets put an end to all day fundraisers, restaurant nights and magazine sales so your team can spend more time practicing and more time playing!

We designed the EasyFundr platform to harness the power of your team to achieve extraordinary results.

Let EasyFundr’s platform do the work, so you can coach and your players can play!

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